High School Skaters

5 Types Of High School Skaters You Will See

High school skaters are in trend these days. Almost every teenager joining his or her high school community wants to become a skater initially. But why is it so? It can be a hobby, an adventure for some, and even a way of showing off in style.

For wannabes, here are the five types of skaters you will find in high school. Go through the details below to find the kind you might have an interest in.

High School Skaters: The Jockboarders

Chances are you might not have heard of this term before. What on earth is jockboarding? The ones who are into watching X-Games will be clear on this form of skating. It finds its origin in longboarding that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

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5 Types Of High School Skaters You Will See

Even the jocks wanted to appear cool and edgy. So they understood the need for excellent actions and moves. It is this idea that made way for boardshorts, sweatshirts, and sandals in college.

High School Skaters Bro

There is no need for you to be in a fit condition to become a professional skater. Also, you do not need to take shape and size requirements into account. For the ones who love using properly balanced and fast skates, skaters bro is for them. These skaters always like expressing how good and fast they are at skating.

In other words, they like showing off their proficiencies. The main objective of these skaters is to tell you how long and how well they raced. Nevertheless, you can lend them your skateboard to know their potentials.

Stoner Dudes

These are stone guys that are into riding longboards, cruiser and even certain old varieties of longboards that do not also catch the attention of the onlookers. These skateboarders do not like spending money on the skateboards they own.

This is because they spend all their money on buying weed that they are accustomed to. There are even some smart individuals in the group who tend to be always busy riding around the high school campus with the other dudes. They indulge in talks about skateboarding and other activities as if they are a pro at everything.

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One Skater Girls

It is quite likely to find that one girl in college who loves skating even though she is not good at it. This one girl will not like your or the entire college’s idea of giving up her skating endeavors. These girls look as if they blow your mind off if at all you tell them to leave their skateboards.

In the majority of the cases, these girls are found making genuine efforts towards getting their legs on skating but are only experiencing failure. The stoner guys use this opportunity to live their dreams of coming close to the girls. On the other hand, the girls do not bother what the boys think about them.

Longboards Who Consider Themselves Skateboarders

Many boys in college are not good at skating but think that they are masters at it. They indulge in the sport without caring about the helmet. They engage in different action stunts like power-sliding and rolling up.

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