5 Best Metal Gear Substance Skateboarding10 Games

metal gear substance skateboarding10

Metal Gear Substance is a multi-platform and an updated version of multi-gear solid two available to you on PlayStation 2. And if you are one fond of skateboarding games. Then, this list is all you need. It contains the best metal gear substance skateboarding10 games. The games included in this list are worth checking out once. A few of them are hitting the market right now. 

Find Out The Best Metal Gear Substance Skateboarding10 Game From The Given List

A man doing a trick on a skateboard

The metal gear substance skateboarding10 games listed below are the most popular skateboarding games ever made. Have a look and find out your favorite from these.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater

A man riding a skateboard up the side of a ramp

This game was released 15 years ago but is still one of the highest-ranked skateboarding video games. You can talk about the merits of Pro Skater all day, and still, some of them are left. The game is made by using a classic formula that makes it the most special one among all other games. The game is a total blast with so many secret tricks involved, which makes it more and more interesting every time you play. 


When pro skater was ruling over the skateboarding games, EA’s skate came with something new and almost took pro skater’s place. The control system of the game refuses simple button presses and replaces it with an “organic” interface. Learning the control system might be challenging, but it serves you with a unique appeal and offers you a more authentic experience.

Tony Hawk’s Underground

For an amazing experience of metal gear substance skateboarding10 game, you should try Underground by Tony Hawk. In this game, you will find skating more fun than ever. Also, you get many opportunities in the game to make customizations, and it makes you feel like you own the game. This feature of the game helped it to gain more popularity.

Skate 2

Just like the first one, this game is also one of the epic skateboarding games. Again, learning the control system of the game might be challenging, but this time it is different from the first one. You will find all new tricks, new challenges, and contests in this version of the game. With a larger bag of tricks, it will take you hours to learn and practice the game.

Skate Or Die

It is a kind of classic skateboarding game. In skate or die, you will find a choice of five events, including a high jump ramp, a downhill jam, a downhill race, a freestyle rap, and a jousting event. The tricks in the game are very simple and basic, which makes it easy to learn. This game is way too much fun, especially when you play with someone else. 


If you are fond of skateboarding games, then metal gear substance skateboarding10 games are indeed the most interesting games and worth trying. So, do not waste more time and check out the games listed above.

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