3 Things About Garvanza Skate Park

garvanza skate park

Skateboarding is a pretty fun sport and action continues wherever the skateboarder goes. If you are someone who stays around Los Angeles then it may be of interest to you. Since modern skateboarding began in California, this place has offered a variety of skateparks such as Stoner Skate Plaza, Arthur Johnson Skatepark, Venice Beach Skatepark, and many more. A lot of options can be explored in LA. One of the most exciting ones is the Garvanza Skatepark. Skateboarding enthusiasts may like it here. In the below-mentioned list, 3 things about the skatepark are described which you might find interesting to know. 

Best Skate Park In Downtown 

A man riding a skateboard

The skatepark is one of the best spots that Downtown can offer. It is the largest place for skateboarding in the area. The park is not as crowded as Venice Skatepark. That’s why you get a peaceful environment. You can freely try a street style or practice. In case you want to sharpen your abilities then this place is the right choice. Here you will meet only locals and even youngsters on some occasions. All of these reasons make it a great skatepark that every skateboarder might want to try.

Location And Timings For Garvanza

A man riding a skateboard

The public space is situated on the eastern side of Los Angeles. The skatepark is a part of Garvanza Park which is around Meridian Avenue and North Avenue 63. Then there is Highland Park that covers the neighboring area. People are free to visit any time between 9 AM to 6 PM. That means skateboarding from morning to evening. This place is open to all with minimal restrictions. The local skatepark has amazing art designs that please the newcomers.  

Facilities Along With Rules To Be Followed 

At Garvanza Park, the garden is not the only attraction. They provide facilities for the baseball diamond, a playground for children, pets, and action sports like skateboarding. People can get a deep bowl, ledges, multiple rails, and a lot. Here kids can skateboard as well. They have plenty of parking rooms available for those with vehicles. However, there are a couple of important rules such as no entry to the skatepark is allowed after the closing time of 6 PM. 


For skateboarding fans, it can be a difficult task to decide on a decent skatepark. There are several options to explore especially if you are residing in LA. However, one such place is called Garvanza Skatepark where you may experience some action. In the above-mentioned article 3 things about this park are described which will be beneficial in accessing whether it’s worth a try or not. Garvanza is not much of a tourist attraction and that’s why it’s best for improving the skill level. People can skateboard peacefully in such a setting. Anybody can visit the place from morning to evening

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