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10 Most Popular And Fantastic Skatepark In America

Skateboarding and top rap music are something that even attracts American parents. It is known for more than 50 years now, and with its four wheels and board, it is one of the most amazing time-pass in a skatepark. You need a hard surface to perform some moves correctly. Of course, it gets even better when you can complete with someone who is better or more dumb than you.

And when someone spends some money to make a beautiful skatepark, it becomes fantastic. However, it takes a lot of cash to make a good park where skaters will enjoy riding with their friends. But over the decades, America has made such helpful places where you can ride freely and enjoy yourself. Here I have given a list of 10 most popular skateparks in America for your next skateboard riding.

10 Most Popular And Fantastic Skatepark In America
10 Most Popular And Fantastic Skatepark In America

1 – Etnies Skatepark Of Lake Forest

If you love Cali, you must visit this park. You don’t even have to visit California to travel to this park. It provides marvelous outdoor skateboarding experience and situated in Lake Forest, Calif. It has four bowls, street course, and some lovely people.

2 – Klamath Falls Skatepark

You can find it at Klamath Falls, Ore and this place is a jewel. The beautiful scenic nature will inspire you to skateboard here with your friends all day long. Here you will see numerous bowls and runs of your desire.

3 – Jim Griffith Memorial Skate Park

This park is well known for two reasons; the first is, you can see a dinosaur here on the course, and the name of the park is the former local mayor of the place who was an advocate also. This outdoor skateboarding place is in Tigard, Ore where skateboarding is an art.

4 – Alamosa Skate Park

This park has a vast collection of bank and ledge combinations where you might find skateboarding a unique experience. It also has a three-quarterpipe that you can call a unique feature.

5 – Ashland Park

You can find this outdoor-based skateboard park in Ashland, Ore. It is beautiful, and they keep it well-maintained. This incredibly smooth park is suitable for downhill riders and is one of the most favorite skateboarding parks in the USA.

6 – West Linn Skate Park

This park you can find in West Linn, Ore. As you can see, most of the wonderlands are in Ore, and this one has an extended bowl run and street bits to keep everyone happy.

7 – Hollywood Park

It is in Las Vegas, and if you traveled this place in Sim City already, you know how the site is getting wonderful over the years. So if you are looking for an excellent place to practice skateboarding, don’t leave out Hollywood.

8 – Sarasota

Another bright name in the list is Sarasota skateboarding ground where you can enjoy nature and sport with your friends. And you can enjoy your day with the local skaters too.

9 – Venice Beach

Skateboarding in Venice Beach is going on for decades, and the beach people are just awesome. Apart from the atmosphere, the place is very comfortable for skating too.

10 Most Popular And Fantastic Skatepark In America
10 Most Popular And Fantastic Skatepark In America

10 – Kona  Skatepark

It is old and famous, a perfect place to travel, skateboarding, and riding. Bring your friends along and enjoy your stay.

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